I Invented The Wheel Because I had to
Leah Dixon

Anti-Fascist Ballet School

Fluo, Flames, Camouflage
Tenant Of Culture
Their Souls Run Beneath (Volga series)
Jorma Müller
Four Chalked Leaves
Thomas De Monaco

The feeling that your time Is dwindling

Reliance Principles

The Edited Body for a Particular Purpose

Reset (series)
Nicolas Garner

Where else would one feel ecstasies and raptures if not in and with one’s own body?

In the flesh (But, How Does It Make You Feel?)
Jonny Niesche
A Shallow Breath
Jonny Niesche
Twin Towers Horse Shoe Toss
Leah Dixon

We use somatic exercises and partner work to find this feeling from the inside out, rather than applying an external shape on our bodies.

It is the function of the bodies to adapt to and remodel the failing architecture.

Here's the intro..

a surface skin with a soft outer tissue.

The repetition did not drain my sound however: it converted it to something gradually more familiar: from a song to a foil: to a membrane of my own.

What comes to light now, though, is the territory beyond the Uncanny Valley.

Virtual Body (series)
Marie Dommenget


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